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Business Finance


Discreet, professional and effective representation in the sale of your business, acquisitions and business valuations. We help you achieve your strategic goals through expert planning, diligence and execution.
Plan and source the most efficient capital structure for your business and secure the required debt and equity capital for acquisition financing, management buyouts and growth financing.
We understand the issues that impact business survival and financial strategy in stressed situations. Our team brings experience, knowledge and clarity to resolve issues and restructure a company.

Small Business Loans

Purchase Order Financing 

AR Financing  

Many business owners are turning to alternative lending options and steering clear of banks and their ridiculous loan qualifications. Most online lenders are brokers that auction your application to the highest bidder, leaving you with unanswered questions. We provide a simple and direct answer.
Every once in a while, it is a good idea for business owners to become familiar with alternative forms of financing that can help their business to grow. Purchase Order Financing is short term financial solution used to finance the purchase or manufacture of specific goods that have been pre-sold by the client to its credit worthy end customer.  
 This is a great solution for businesses that need more funding that is not available from traditional lenders. Many companies need additional cash flow to support seasonal demands, growth, business opportunities, or solve a short-term cash need.  Provide your business with flexible and immediate cash that will give your business the ability to grow, restructure, hire additional employees, or even to fund payroll. 

Additional Professional Services:

Raised Capital Privately  
Lease Restructuring
Sell & Buy Real Estate
Create Partnerships

Bankers Capital was founded in 2008 to assist business owners make better strategic decisions; to provide the owners of midsized private companies with an outsourced team of industry-leading professionals. Leveraging decades of experience successfully completing complex transactions, Bankers Capital clients benefit from discreet, professional and effective representation in the sale of their private company, acquisition, restructuring or capital sourcing.