​​There are many reasons to restructure a lease. the reasons can range from securing more time for a flourishing business to reducing the rent to survive.  Many of our cients are healthy companies who are focused simply onlowering their real estate costs and/or securing value. Knowing when and how to restructure a lease is part of doing business.   

We will review, analyse and evaluate the current commercial lease and rent terms outlined in client's business lease. 

Research the trade area using industry sources and including existing vacancies, rents and general market conditions that apply to the surrounding restaurant space, retail space and as applicable, office space. 

Develop a commercial lease negotiation strategy and lease proposal for each business lease negotiation. 

Submit to client for review of the proposed rent restructuring, rent relief, lease restructuring, commercial lease negotiation, lease termination agreement strategy and proposed business lease terms. 

Client informs the landlord that The Glen Gary Group will be its representative for the lease negotiation. 

The Glen Gary Group contacts the the landlord, formulates the proposal and submits to the landlord. We then negotiate the matter to final agreement with the landlord. 

We review all documentation from the landlord and submit to client for review, comment and ultimately final approval of the new lease agreement.

  • Analyze current lease
  • Gather trade market data
  • Develop lease negotiation strategy and commercial lease proposal
  • Client approves the lease negotiation strategy and commercial lease proposal
  • Client informs the landlord of the appointment of The Glen Gary Group as a representative
  • The Glen Gary Group undertakes the lease negotiation
  • Obtain from client the approval of the new business lease terms and conditions