Mergers & Aquisitions
At Bankers Capital, we believe client interests are paramount. We recognize that no two transactions are exactly alike, and deliver a customized approach to fit the particular financial, industry, and shareholder requirements of every engagement. Our professionals take great care in presenting a full range of strategic alternatives and offer outstanding capabilities for running highly competitive processes.

Bankers Capital has extensive experience in advising family-owned businesses, portfolio companies of private equity firms and divisions of large corporate parents with regard to the sale or divestiture of middle market companies. We also advise clients relative to their growth strategies and assist with the evaluation and execution of targeted acquisition transactions.

It's an exciting time ... but it's also a time to remain analytical and ask yourself some very important questions. Among them:

Why grow?
A merger or acquisition should never be made just for the sake of growth. When two companies join forces, they should combine in a way that takes both to greater heights for sound business reasons. By combining their skills, products and services, they should be able to better serve their combined clientele.

Who does what?
Each company has its own unique culture and way of getting things done. The owner of one company might feel the need to handle most important tasks himself, while the owner of the other company might manage by delegation. Those cultures don't mesh well, and the culture shock can have a profound effect on the success or failure of the merged company.

Are the technologies compatible?
Mergers can easily succeed or fail based on the answers to critical technology questions. For example: What data storage programs do the firms use? Do they use the same email programs? How might the websites be merged? Is there a certain customer relationship management software in place? How easy is it going to be to combine databases into one system? The tiniest technology details often result in huge issues when digital systems are merged.

But that's just the beginning.
These are only a few of the issues to consider when facing a merger or acquisition situation. Others include intellectual property, accounting systems, short-term and long-term business goals and overall business culture.