Selling or Buying a Business
Each Bankers Capital Business Broker brings extensive training and experience to the table with each business sale they help negotiate. Our professional brokers come from a variety of backgrounds, including accounting, law, banking, real estate and insurance – so no matter what business you are looking to buy or sell, you can trust that you will be in well-qualified hands.

With Bankers Capital, you can expect our Business Sales Professionals to be some of the most highly trained experts in business valuation, business marketing and buy/sell negotiations that satisfy both sides of the table. You will only find our exclusive business listings through one of our Bankers Capital Business Sales Professionals.

The buying or selling of a business should never be compared to a home sale. Unlike selling a home, a business sale should always involve a high level of confidentiality and a broker who will work with you from the initial listing, through negotiations, and finally to signing the paperwork. You deserve an experienced, licensed professional who specializes in business sales – you deserve a Glen Gary Group Business Broker.

With the Bankers Capital Business Brokers, you can enjoy the greatest selection of businesses for sale nationwide. Or as a seller, you can expect to receive individualized attention in your local market.


1.  Schedule an appointment to meet with a Bankers Capital Sales Professional.

2.  Gather documents requested by your Bankers Capital Business

Broker for your meeting.

3.  During your meeting you will be asked a series of comprehensive

questions to help us develop a clearer picture of your business            and what approach we will take to obtain buyer interest in YOUR

4.  Determine Market Valuation/Price for your business utilizing the Bankers Capital's proven valuation methods including discretionary income and expenses.

5.  Listing Agreement authorizing Bankers Capital to represent you in the sale of your business.

6.  Seller pre-approval of Listing Marketing/Advertising and potential terms offered.

7.  Bankers Capital Business Broker to manage Buyer inquiries and Buyer pre-qualification process including buyer signing of NDA (Confidentiality Agreement)

8.  Bankers Capital Business Sales Professional to arrange meeting between Buyer and Seller.

9.  Bankers Capital Business Broker to assist in writing and/or presenting offers and subsequent contract negotiations.

10.  Bankers Capital Business Sales Professional to manage the timeline from offer acceptance to closing (transfer of ownership to the Buyer)